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I am a writer, I write because I feel that it is necessary to pass on lessons through stories. My stories are complex with extremes of fluff and angst, joy and suffering and moments of triumph and defeat. All have meaning, the deeper you look the more you will receive.

They can encompass all branches in the genres of military and science fiction and may in the future extend even further as I expand my writing horizon. I write original fiction and I am currently working on a novel albeit rather slowly, someday I hope to publish it. I post here for your pleasure and entertainment fan-fiction.

At the moment the only fan-fiction I have posted is primeval which can be found on my journal and primeval_denial. I am very excited about my 'Convergence' series which is posted in parts as I finish them. If you would like to know more about it, sorry but you will have to go and read it at my journal.

All are very welcome to friend me and feel free to comment and review on anything I post. Feedback is essential for improvement.